Payment Methods

  1. Stop order
  2. Debit Order
  3. Mpesa: Merchant number 13908
  4. Ecocash: Merchant number 17248
  5. Cash-Physical Address:
    ·        P.O. Box 1803, Suite# 5, Metcash Complex, Maseru 100, Lesotho 
  6. EFT:Account Details:

    ·         FNB 62759631255, Branch: Kingsway branch, Branch Code: 280261, Swift Code: FIRWZAJJ

    ·         NEDBANK 11990056104, BAM Promotions (Pty) Ltd TA Finite Lifestyle, Branch: Maseru, Branch Code: 390161, Swift Code: NEDLLSMX, 


The club is open for the public and is joined through a membership fee of M 100.00 monthly where members will receive their membership upon registration depending on the duration they are subscribing for.

 (Premium of M100  is paid IN ADVANCE, NOT IN ARREARS. I.e. you pay for the month YET TO BE COVERED.)

Other benefits of joining the Finite Club:

Network Marketing

As it has now become one of the most popular marketing trends that is flexible, it is also affordable for people looking for part-time business. The forum thus connects entrepreneur together to exchange ideas from set programs and business opportunities that may arise within its membership.

Relationship Marketing

Customer service does not only end where parties exchange money for products or services, it must be developed .Here the club even goes beyond philanthropy by engaging its members in Finite Magazine events and giving them the VIP treatment.